How ARC coverage is different from other General insurance coverage?

ARC Coverage Benefits

ARC provides 24 hours service round the clock

Free Ambulance service for 24x7x365

With ARC membership card Cashlesshospitalization for members

Out patient treatment is also covered

100% settlement
of claim amount (up to the of
sum insured)

Medical Bill clearance of up to Rs. 1 Lakh onEACH ACCIDENT

All types of accidents are covered atWorkplace, factory, on the road etc,. (includesAnimal bites, electric shock,Burns, drowningetc.)

A special discount at recognized Diagnosticcentre for General illness Up to 25%.

Arrangement of Blood in case of Emergenciesfor ARC members

Other insurance coverage benefits

Limited service provided

No ambulance Service

Medical Bills to be settled by Members

Not provided

10-20% of the total sum insured will bereimbursed(applicable only to PersonalAccidents) provided capital Benefits areadmitted

Facility Not

Only Death compensation due To Accident ortotal / partial Disablement. Applicable only toPersonal accidents.

Facility not